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James Allwhite offers a variety of services from sports programs, massage therapy, personal training - with an emphasis on "Therapeutic Fitness Training", along with book, and positive, health, spiritual, and motivational products such as postcards, etc.

"The Positive & Prevention Tour" - California to New York

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The tour was to promote more positive awareness in the world today. There is so much hate and negativity around us. My mission was to elighten and offer a little more positive and healthy perspective. There is enough negative on TV, Newspaper and society as a whole. We need to start with ourself, yes we all have problems, but it is all how we handle it that will build our character. But as long as we are trying to tear others down and build up the negative, an example of what we view (Housewives, Jersey Shore, Kardashians, TMZ, Etc.) Society can't change by itself we all have to change our attitude and what we choose too believe in. So the goal was to help others believe that there is a better world, one attitude, one gym, one business at a time. Along the way I passed out braclets, positive postcards, and stopped at schools, businesses, hospitals and homeless shelters to spread my message.

I documented my journey on facebook, the book "The Journey" is Available Now! The story is about the positive and healthy experiences I encountered on my tour across the United States.

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